IHTS. What is it?

Simply put... In-Home Therapy Services (IHTS) is a service that provides individual and family therapy in the community and adds coordination of care.

Frequently Asked Questions About IHTS

What is IHTS?

Great question.  In-Home Therapy Services (IHTS) is a service that provides individual and family therapy in your home or school and adds coordination of care. Coordination of care is a big deal.  Traditional outpatient therapy usually does not happen in the home and does not include coordination of care.   

Why is Coordination of Care important?

Ever heard the saying..."not everyone is on the same page!"  That's what coordination of care prevents.  It ensures all your healthcare providers are on the same page.  Our IHTS therapist stays in contact with your doctors, psychiatrist, teachers and other people important to you. When providers talk to each other & "are on the same page" we come up with better solutions to help you and your family.

Where are services provided?

In the community.  This is the best place.  Can you imagine Domino's without pizza delivery?  That's just silly.  IHTS happens in the home, school, or community because that's where challenging behaviors occur and where solutions can be found.  IHTS therapists can work on behaviors where they happen.  Missed sessions are no good either.  You don't want to be making progress and traction on your goals and then miss appointments because of transportation or complicated schedules.      

What's my commitment?

First things first, you are the expert on your own family.  Don't get us wrong, our therapists are experts on families and have lots of fancy letters behind our names but you know your family best.  But you probably wouldn't be here unless you wanted to find some help with your family and that's where we can help.  Our IHTS therapists are specially trained to work with complicated clinical situations and provide coordination of care with your doctors, teachers, schools, and other people important to your family.  We ask that you meet us half way so we help your family.

Where do you provide IHTS?

Currently, we provide IHTS in Alamance and Rockingham Counties.

Who qualifies?

Here's the boring stuff....
•  Referred client must be between ages 3 to 21.
•  Traditional office-based outpatient treatment has been tried, but was not effective.
•  There is a need for coordination of care to prevent family disruption or a need for more intensive levels of care.
•  Child’s behavior at home and/or school is caused by mental health diagnosis and are moderate to severe in nature and require intensive and coordinated clinical services.
•  Evidence of problems in at least 2 major life domains, which are significantly affecting the client’s behavioral health needs, as evidenced by at least two of the following:
         - Housing (problems with safety/stability);
         - Education/school;
         - Physical health care linkage or access needs;
• Involvement with one or more of the following:  Department of Social Services, Department of Juvenile Justice or            Exceptional Children’s Program.
•  Client does not present with an imminent risk of BOTH out of home placement based on mental health diagnosis and  does not have a history of multiple crisis events within the last 6 months.

How do I get more information or make a referral?

Getting more information is the key to making a good decision.  Please call us @ 336.899.8800 and ask for Chris to get more information about IHTS.  But if you're ready click here for our referral form. 

IHTS Camparison to IIH​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

Which service is right for you?

​​​​​​​This comparison chart is a helpful tool in understanding the difference between these two services.  It is a guide to which one is the best fit for you or when making a referral.

Sound like a fit?

Use our online referral form 24/7.

Click the referral form link, fill it out, submit and that's it.  We will call you within 1 business day to get things rolling.

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